The Boron Solutions (Australia) Ltd TRU-CORE® Process

The Tru-Core® Process is a revolutionary new means of treating timber with a full-infusion technology of eco-friendly borates for the purposes of providing sustainable means of protecting timber-in-service.

The Tru-Core treatment process has been developed over many years of research, testing and trialling to onwardly provide a raft of benefits for homeowners to provide a unique multi-facetted means of protecting their homes.

What this means to homeowners is that you can now have all the timbers in your home treated on-site during construction so as to fulfil the following functions :

  1. Provide a full insecticidal treatment of timber so as to provide lifetime protection against the effects of termites whether they be subterranean, drywood or dampwood and to stop and destroy any form of borer that may be present in the timber whether it be anobium borer or European house borer. All forms of insect pests of timber-in-service are unable to access the timber treated with the Tru-Core® Process.
  2. Provide a full fungicidal treatment of timber so as to provide lifetime protection against all fungal action. Fungal action is the basis of all timber decay and rot. What this means is that moisture can often affect the performance of structural items by facilitating fungal spores and mycelium that cause timber-in-service to rot and decay. The application of the Tru-Core® Process prevents this occurrence.
  3. The CSIRO have evaluated the borate retention levels in both structural Pine and Oregon as satisfying the requirements for bushfire-resisting timber specified in AS 3959:2009 Construction of Buildings in bushfire-prone area Appendix F. What this means is that you have a fire retardant in all timber that has been treated with the Tru-Core® Process. This is a safety feature that provides added security for occupants of a dwelling when fires occur.
  4. The CSIRO testing also identified in their testing procedures that the smoke from the testing for fire retardancy was much reduced thereby providing a greater level of safety for occupants of a dwelling when fires occur. The smoke generated in a fire can often asphyxiate the occupants of a dwelling and the application of the Tru-Core® Process is assessed to significantly reduce that risk.
  5. The Tru-Core® Process extensively utilises the properties of boron which is also utilised in the annealing of metals. This property assists in retaining the structural integrity of metal fixings, fastenings and attachments such as nails, nail plates, nuts, bolts, etc.; that often corrode in situ where solvent-based chemical timber preservation treatments are present.
  6. The other feature benefit of the Tru-Core® Process is that in treating the structural items of a dwelling, you also provide a treatment inside the wall cavities which assists in the general pest management of a structure. Cockroaches, ants, silverfish and all other insect household pests are unable to gain ‘safe harbourage’ in wall cavities which obviously makes them easier to treat during household pest inspections. They are unable to retreat into wall cavities without being adversely affected by the Tru-Core® Process.

The benefits provided by the on-site application of the Boron Solution’s Tru-Core® Process are multi-facetted and reflect high levels of protection for ordinary Australian homeowners that are completely unmatched by any other system in the market place.

Traditional timber treatments are being discontinued throughout the world because of health concerns for workers and end-of-life issues whereby timber cannot be dumped or burned because of health and safety reasons and/or environmental concerns. Solvent-based timber treatments can be fire accelerants that may assist in spreading fire.

The Tru-Core® Process is able to treat areas of timber such as heartwood, which is generally not a requirement for many traditional timber treatments. It should also be noted that the Tru-Core® Process is a full-infusion treatment as opposed to LOSP which is an envelope treatment only, with saw-cuts and variations to external dimensions voiding the limited warranties thereon.

Termite Management Systems are generally designed to provide an obstacle to subterranean termite entry into a structure only. These systems do not deal with drywood termites such as the increasingly prevalent species of West Indian drywood termite (Cryptotermes Brevis). The Tru-Core® Process provides the only truly effective means of defence against this insect pest of timber-in-service.

Physical termite management systems that are built into buildings are able to be ‘bridged’ in hours by subterranean termites whilst inspections are generally an annual event, if they occur. The fact is that manufacturers/system providers are unable to provide a warranty on subsequent ‘bridging’ of their systems, which generally require extensive remedial chemical termiticide applications by pest control operators.

Chemical termite management systems rely on fragile new replacement chemistries for the very effective organochlorines that were phased out in mid-1995. These new chemistries have had substantial issues pertaining to their efficacy and persistency. The application through reticulation of these chemistries has been fraught with problems relating to system hydraulics and chemical migration through the soil medium.

The Tru-Core® Process represents the foremost means of addressing preconstruction termite management for structural timber elements to provide lifetime protection for ordinary Australian homeowners.

A comprehensive fifty year warranty is provided which allows for the treatment to remain effective in timber to perform as a complete protection against all insect actions, and also any fungal decay and rot.

The list of ancillary benefits recorded herein; clearly demonstrate the value of having a structure treated with the eco-friendly Tru-Core® Process.

The Tru-Core® Process represents the only system that is able to provide security for the lifetime protection of the structural timber elements of your home.

Download the “What is Tru-Core” pdf by clicking here