In August 2010, we had our new home in country Queensland, near Warwick, being constructed. The raised floor system was in place and the timber frames and trusses arrived on-site untreated. The frames and trusses, as per contract, were to be pretreated for termite protection and we immediately sought to have this recified as the problems that arise from termite damage have been well documented. The situation was resolved with the provision of a treatment that was supplied on-site by Boron Solutions with their mobile truck unit that heated and applied a pink dyed borate solution to the frames. Initially we had our doubts about this new technological process as to whether it would perform as a successful termite management system. We were pleasantly surprised however to find that we had a fifty year full product warranty as opposed to the twenty-five year limited warranty we would have received with the LOSP envelope timber treatment that was initially to be performed on the frames and trusses. The application of the borate solution full infusion process was best described as “the timber drinking the solution”. The frames and trusses, all in all 15.6 cubic metres of timber, literally ‘drank’ 820 litres of the treatment solution. We were somewhat amazed to see the heated liquid on the timber facings rapidly disappear into the timber. We were also pleasantly surprised to note further benefits provided by this treatment, especially given that it also provided fire retardancy and stopped all timber decay and rot. The Boron Solutions’ representative assisted us throughout the process and allayed any fears we had relative to the treatment. Boron Solutions provided us with treated timber samples and advised that we can have them tested at any time provided they are kept above-ground in a covered situation as are the frames and trusses of the house. This, they advise, prove that the active ingredients will continue to provide protection to our new home. Boron Solutions also kept treated timber samples for their records. Both of us would like to commend Boron Solutions on providing a treatment to our new home that removes all fear we had in relation to the possibility of termite damage at a later date. We would wish to thank Boron Solutions for putting our minds at rest and we would onwardly recommend their services to any and all future clients.