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Smoke Suppression

It’s one of the worst things that could happen to anyones house, an accidental fire. If not quickly and safely brought under control, it has the potential to devastate. Whilst it is impossible to ensure that you will never experience such an event it is possible to at least be prepared. This doesn’t just mean having a fire blanket in the kitchen, but also having safety features built in to the property from the outset.

As well as having flame retardency qualities which mean it can be used in areas prone to bushfires, timber treated with Boron also gives off less smoke than untreated timber in the event of fire. Given the fact that most fatalities in house fires are actually caused by people being overcome by smoke inhalation, any additional time that can be given to the occupants could make the difference between life and death.

At Boron Solutions we are very pleased that the additional safety benefits that occur after treating timber can help people rest at ease knowing they have some of the best wood protection standards incorporated into their house. So, if you are building your own home or are considering building your own home then we would encourage you to tell your builder that you would like the frames treated with this product.