We are all becoming more and more conscious of the impact of our actions on the environment, and this is being re-enforced by the current government who are keen to see the building industry adopt more sustainable building methods. If you are a builder, an architect or are in the process of building your own home, you now have the opportunity to use one of the greenest and most sustainable building materials available, wood.

One of the main reasons cited for not using wood, particularly in new home frames is the susceptibility to insect damage, particularly from termites. Our ability to completely infuse timber with a natural solution that all insects, especially termites, find completely noxious and actually lethal if consumed, has created an opportunity for the construction industry to embrace wood as a building material, without the need to use physical barriers.

Unlike some other ‘green’ products, this natural treatment actually works much better than similar chemical alternatives, so as far as product performance is concerned your protection is actually enhanced. The main ingredient (Boron) is completely harmless to humans and timber treated with this product could even be mulched at the end of it’s life and used to fertilise your vegetable patch!

Wood is the ideal medium to build with and this is being strongly encouraged by environmental groups such as Planet Ark, who recognise that wood sourced from sustainable forests is far kinder to the environment than using traditional building materials such as steel or concrete, which use huge amounts of fossil fuels in their production, creating carbon dioxide in the process. Wood on the other hand acts as a carbon sink, actually helping to reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. An interesting article on the Planet Ark drive to encourage people to use wood as a building medium can be read here. Below is a video from the Planet Ark Environmental Edge consumer information service on the benefits of wood.



Wood that has been treated with our solution not only has complete insect protection for its lifetime, but is also completely recyclable. There really is no other timber treatment out there that can lay claim to these qualities. Hopefully we have encouraged you to consider using our treatment and we would be very happy to elaborate further, please feel free to contact us