Boron Solution’s office bearers initially established an import/export company and traded as Abuna (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. in 1993. Abuna had a multitude of business interests throughout the South Pacific ranging from timber interests, pest management products, canned fish and various other trade commodities.

In April 2006, Abuna was renamed Boron Solutions (Aust.) Pty. Ltd., so as to better reflect the diversification of the company into “Timber Protection Products” soon after the company had acquired Mabon’s Timber Protection.

Mabon’s Timber Protection provided a range of “borate-based” timber treatments and “Cellavit” sealants which were an established recognised boutique range of speciality timber protection products with agents throughout Australia.

Boron Solutions was approached by an American based company (Kop-Coat) to assist in the onward development and commercialisation of a novel borate-based timber protection methodology referred to as the “Tru-Core®” process.The “Tru-Core®” process was a novel and innovative timber treatment because of its unique capacity to impart full infusion of borates into structural timber elements. Existing timber treatments were only able to provide an “envelope” treatment and were being phased out in many countries because of health, safety and ‘end-of-use’ issues.

Subsequent joint venture research and development was undertaken over the following three years to assess all facets and benefits of this new technology.After the successful conclusion of extensive fieldwork, trials and data that confirmed the efficacy of the “Tru-Core®” process, an exclusive licence was provided by Kop-Coat to Boron Solutions for the Australian market.

Boron Solutions now proudly service the Australian timber protection market with the mobile “Tru-Core®” process which imparts an eco-friendly fungicidal and insecticidal treatment to prevent all forms of timber degradation through the effects of mould, decay, termites and borer. “Tru-Core®” treated timbers also underwent extensive testing by the CSIRO to gain certification as a fire retardant and smoke suppression was yet another feature recognised in that testing regime.The multiple benefits of this technology extend far beyond current timber protection methodologies and should become mandatory in the future.

Boron Solutions is based in Queensland and is experiencing rapid expansion in marketing the novel new “Tru-Core®” technology. Boron Solutions are currently training operatives and provisioning machinery so that “Tru-Core®” timber preservation will soon be available throughout all States and Territories in Australia.