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Smoke Suppression

It’s one of the worst things that could happen to anyones house, an accidental fire. If not quickly and safely brought under control, it has the potential to devastate. Whilst it is impossible to ensure that you will never experience such an event it is possible to at least be prepared. This doesn’t just mean having a fire blanket in the kitchen, but also having safety features built in to the property from the outset.

As well as having flame retardency qualities which mean it can be used in areas prone to bushfires, timber treated with Boron also gives off less smoke than untreated timber in the event of fire. Given the fact that most fatalities in house fires are actually caused by people being overcome by smoke inhalation, any additional time that can be given to the occupants could make the difference between life and death.

At Boron Solutions we are very pleased that the additional safety benefits that occur after treating timber can help people rest at ease knowing they have some of the best wood protection standards incorporated into their house. So, if you are building your own home or are considering building your own home then we would encourage you to tell your builder that you would like the frames treated with this product.

Fire Retardancy

Enhanced Safety

When we were having our product tested at CISRO we were very pleasantly surprised to find out that our not only were we able to achieve remarkable results in terms of our ability to completely infuse all types of timber with our product, but that the treated wood also had a high degree of fire retardancy. In fact so much so that timber treated with our solution has now been mandated for use in areas where there is a high risk of bushfires.

For those technically inclined the timber is rated to BAL 29 as referenced in Australian Standards 3959 – the bushfire standard.

This means that by using our treatment you gain a host of additional benefits, but what we are most proud of is the fact that the safety of families will be enhanced with its use. So what you are getting is a devastatingly effective termite prevention treatment with significant safety qualities as well. We can’t think of anything else out there that comes close to ticking all these boxes.

Below is the table used in the assessment of bushfire risk.

Bushfire attack level Description of predicted bushfire attack and levels of exposure Approximate risk
BAL LOW There isinsufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements but there is still some risk Very low
BAL12.5 There is a risk of ember attack. The construction elements are exposed to a heat flux not greater than 12.5kW/m2 Low
BAL 19 There is a risk of increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by wind-borne embersand a likelihood of exposure to radiant heat. The construction elements are expected to be exposed to a heat flux not greater than 19kW/m2 Moderate
BAL 29 There is an increased risk of ember attack and burning debris ignited by wind-borne embers and a likelihood of exposure to an increased level of radiant heat. The construction elements are expected to be exposed to a heat flux not greater than 29kW/m2 High
BAL 40 There is a much increased risk of ember attack and burning debris ignited by wind-borne embers, a likelihood of exposure to a high level of radiant heat and some likelihood of direct exposure to flames from the fire front. The construction elements are expected to be exposed to a heat flux not greater than 40kW/m2 Very high
BAL FZ There is an extremely high risk of ember attack and burning debris ignited by wind-borne embers and a likelihood of exposure to an extreme level of radiant heat and direct exposure to flames from the fire front. The construction elements are expected to be exposed to a heat flux greater than 40kW/m2 Extreme


Boron has been recognised for its anti-fungal qualities for many, many years. In fact Boron is found in medicinal treatments for conditions such as athletes foot, vaginal thrush and is even used in eyewashes. Because of these anti-fungal qualities timber treated with Boron will last significantly longer than untreated wood, increasing the lifetime service of the wood. And at the end of the woods useful life there are no disposal issues because the treatment is so natural. There are no issues arising from chemicals leaching into the water table etc, so provides the ideal solution for timber preservation.

In fact after the devastatingly floods in Queensland in January 2011, it was found that homes treated with our solution did not need to be for damp rot as this one-stop treatment provided everything necessary.

Termite Protection

Since the banning of chemical spraying nearly sixteen years ago, the pest management industry has been forced to come up with alternative ways to stop termites getting into buildings. The most common method of keeping them out has been to put physical barriers in place to stop them getting through. Most products on the market do that fairly well, however, what they absolutely cannot prevent is the termites just climbing over them. Hence the need to have annual inspections, to basically check whether the barriers in place have been what is technically called ‘bridged’.

In instances where termite activity is noticed pest controllers then need to treat the affected areas with a raft of chemicals, not particularly kind on the environment. Many of these remedial treatments can also cost the home owner many thousands of dollars depending on the level of termite infestation.

In instances where this has occurred there is no redress with the manufacturer of the termite barrier as they (and indeed your own household insurer) do not provide any warranty or cover for this happening. Where a warranty is provided it is usually only against the termites going through the barrier, not over.

Termite Prevention

Until now there has been no other options available to new home builders but to use this type of product. Therefore all homes constructed using these type of systems are theoretically at constant risk of termite attack. Thankfully there is now an alternative that is not only very friendly to the environment (the main ingredient is a naturally occurring mineral), but is so effective your home will be virtually insect free for its lifetime. The reason it is so effective is that it treats the food source, the wood.

Timber treated with this solution is repellant to all insects and therefore should actually be called a termite prevention treatment rather than a barrier. This product also comes with a comprehensive 50 year warranty that is fully transferable. We believe that frames treated with this product will become the gold standard for termite prevention, a fact also supported by leading experts in timber treatment and termites.

Their independent assessment can be downloaded here..(Right click or option-click this link and choose “Save As…” to download this file.)

This is a direct quote from their findings presented to the International Research Group on Wood Protection annual conference in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2011.

[testimonial style=”fancybox” img=”” name=”Dr John French B.Sc (For.), M.Sc (Entomology), Ph.D (Forest Entomology) and Dr Berhan Ahmed Ph.D” company=”” companylink=”#”]To our knowledge, there is no other treatment commercially available in Australia, with these combined benefits and properties as a remedial and preventative treatment.[/testimonial]

 Add Value To Your Home

New homes constructed with this treatment applied to the frames will attract a premium price once people realise that not only is the home protected for its lifetime but also there are no other insects such as spiders and cockroaches lurking around. Furthermore it also means that there will be no need to pay for annual pest inspections, just imagine how much money that will save the average homeowner over their period of ownership.

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If you are interested in learning more about the incredible qualities of Boron and the benefits it brings to house treated in this way, then please either contact us or browse the other main areas, namely fire retardancysmoke suppression and anti-fungal