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Smoke Suppression

It’s one of the worst things that could happen to anyones house, an accidental fire. If not quickly and safely brought under control, it has the potential to devastate. Whilst it is impossible to ensure that you will never experience such an event it is possible to at least be prepared. This doesn’t just mean […]


Fire Retardancy

Enhanced Safety When we were having our product tested at CISRO we were very pleasantly surprised to find out that our not only were we able to achieve remarkable results in terms of our ability to completely infuse all types of timber with our product, but that the treated wood also had a high degree […]



Boron has been recognised for its anti-fungal qualities for many, many years. In fact Boron is found in medicinal treatments for conditions such as athletes foot, vaginal thrush and is even used in eyewashes. Because of these anti-fungal qualities timber treated with Boron will last significantly longer than untreated wood, increasing the lifetime service of […]


Termite Protection

Since the banning of chemical spraying nearly sixteen years ago, the pest management industry has been forced to come up with alternative ways to stop termites getting into buildings. The most common method of keeping them out has been to put physical barriers in place to stop them getting through. Most products on the market […]