The ONLY Termite Management System that is able to provide a barrier to termites consuming structural timbers is the Boron Solution’s Tru-Core System, which is CodeMarked to provide Termite Protection. This system is also the  ONLY system able to provide a comprehensive Life-Time (Fifty Year) Warranty on ALL Structural Timbers in a Home.



Since the banning of the effective and persistent Organochlorine treatment in mid-1995,the pest management industry has been forced to come up with alternative ways to stop termites getting into buildings.

The most common method of keeping them out has been to put physical termite management systems in place to stop them getting through. Most of these products were incorporated into the structure of the building and could be ‘bridged’ in minutes whilst inspections were generally an annual event.

These systems were mistakenly referred to as ‘Termite Barriers’!

The chairperson of the Standards Committee which composes the Termite Management Standards that discusses products and systems being designed “to prevent concealed entry into a building” advised in a Scientific Paper to the International Research Group on Wood Protection that, “This seems to be an inadequate provision, since it takes a single termite less than a minute to travel from the ground and up the exterior wall to a weep-hole in masonry or some similar entry point”.
When these termite management systems were simply ‘bridged’ by termites climbing over the top of the system, there was NO Warranty. Unfortunately, Warranty ONLY covered ‘breaching’ of the system where termites actually went through the system and the Warranty ONLY applied where Homeowners were able to prove that the termites ‘went through’ (i.e. ‘Breached’) the system!

Because of the location of these systems between brickwork in mortar joints and in the cavity areas of walls, it is a very difficult task to determine the actual means of entry by termites and whether it was achieved by ‘bridging’ or ‘breaching’ of the system. Many of these physical termite management systems have been promoted as chemical-free, environmentally friendly termite management systems. The reality is that the first time that termites ‘bridge’, ‘breach’ or even challenge these systems – A chemical application then becomes an absolute necessary and ongoing requirement for the life of the building.

You see, it is ONLY when these products and systems are initially installed that they are able to be considered chemical-free and environmentally friendly! Furthermore,expensive and extensive post-construction termite treatments will be ongoing and extensive for the life of the building whilst still being unable to guarantee the structure of the building!

This will cost many thousands of dollars over the life of a building and may require invasive ‘drill and inject’ technology that aesthetically scars the home and provides ready evidence of termite activity which will generally adversely impact on any future sales of the property as generally, house sales are subject to a pest report.

These remedial chemical treatments and/or baiting systems require regular inspections, ongoing costs and still DO NOT guarantee that there is ‘NO RISK’ to the structural timbers in your home.

After several years and the provision of advice and submissions by a lobby group, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and Standards Australia (AS) have finally come to accept that the products and systems incorporated into the structure of a home are NOT Termite Barriers!

New editions of the Building Code remove the words ‘Barrier’ and ‘Protection’ in the section that deals with Termite Risk Management whilst the Termite Management Standard (AS3660.1) also removes the word ‘Barrier’ which featured prominently on a multitude of occasions in the earlier version of that Standard.

The ONLY Termite Management System able to provide a barrier to termites consuming structural timbers is the Boron Solution’s Tru-Core System which is CodeMarked to provide Termite Protection and this system provides a Life-Time (Fifty Year) Warranty on ALL Structural Timbers in a Home.

If you are thinking of using any other system, your first question should be, “Do you provide ‘bridging warranty’?” and, if the answer is “Yes”, ask that it be put in writing immediately so that you are able to proceed with the installation.

This single question will sort out  ALL of the other preconstruction termite management systems and require them to advise that they are simply termite monitoring systems that can in fact be ‘bridged’ in minutes and have the minimum requirement for annual inspections.

If you understand this concept, and agree with the methodology, then install one of these systems and live with the extensive risk of termite damage!

If you value your home and want to eliminate risk of termite damage and provide family security knowing that the structural elements of your home have life-time protection thereon – then have a Tru-Core Boron Barrier installed in your home during the construction process to provide long-lasting real termite protection with a real life-time (Fifty Year) warranty that is NOT subject to ‘bridging or breaching’ and provides complete security for your family.



The methodology of attempting to stop termites with supposed termite barriers described in the Australian Standard (AS 3660.1-2000) dealing with ‘New Building Work’ which states in the opening paragraph of its Foreword therein that -:“The purpose of termite barriers is to deter concealed entry by termites into a building, above the termite barrier.Termites can build around barriers but their workings or evidence thereof are then in the open where they may be detected more readily during regular inspections.”

The second paragraph of the Foreword in the Standard then goes on to advise that -:

“This Standard contains no procedures or details on durability, maintenance and inspection issues.”

truecoreThese statements were provided by a Standards’ committee that failed to address issues and failed entirely to represent Consumers’ interests by providing a Standard that completely failed to address their needs.

Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and their Building Codes Committee (BCC) were also aware of significant problems with the Standard that was referenced by their Building Code.

The CSIRO also understood this failure and requested that the Standards committee address durability issues. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) also requested a raft of changes to this inadequate and poorly composed Standard.

The ‘barrier status’ that was provided to termite management products and systems based on the above advice provided in the Standard gave a means whereby product manufacturers and system providers were able to misrepresent their products and systems to Consumers as termite barriers.

“It is an absolute nonsense to think that a termite management system that could be ‘bridged’ in minutes and yet required annual inspections could be considered to be a ‘Termite Barrier’!

This was the unequivocal advice provided to the Standards Committee by a TAG member who was requested by the ABCB (See: www.termiteactiongroup.com.au) to take his concerns on these matters to Standards Australia and subsequently addressed the Standards committee on the problems with the Standard (AS 3660.1-2000).

Unfortunately, this situation continued for over thirteen years and yet nothing was ever done about it until the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) decided that the situation was untenable and demanded that the word ‘Barrier’, where it pertained to termite management systems, be removed entirely from the new Standard (AS 3660.1-2014).

Unfortunately, many of the Standards Committee members were either employees or contractors to system manufacturers and suppliers who had their products represented in the Standard as ‘Termite Barriers’. Unfortunately, this even included the Consumer representative!

Until recently, there has been no other options available to new home builders but to use this type of product. Therefore, ALL homes constructed using these type of systems are theoretically at permanent and constant risk of termite attack.

Thankfully there is now an alternative that is not only very friendly to the environment (the main ingredient is a naturally occurring mineral – BORON), but is so effective your home will be virtually insect free for its lifetime. The reason it is so effective is that it treats the food source – i.e. the timber structure.

Timber treated with this solution is repellant to all insects and therefore the ONLY real barrier to termite activity and stops termites consuming timber structures.

This system also stops cockroaches living in cavity walls so that when a cockroach infestation occurs in a kitchen where frames are treated by this process, when the cockroaches retreat away from the kitchen treatment they are unable to move into wall cavities where they might otherwise hide until the kitchen treatment settles back to a level where they are able to repopulate.

Insects cannot find safe harbourage or exist in cavity walls that have been treated with the Tru-Core timber treatment system.

Whilst the treatment is safe for humans, it is deadly to insects!


New homes constructed with this treatment applied to the frames will attract a premium price once people realise that not only is the home protected for its lifetime but also there are no other insects such as spiders and cockroaches lurking around. Furthermore, it also means that there will be no need to pay for annual pest inspections and just imagine how much money that will save the average homeowner over their period of ownership.

The treatment and transferrable life-time warranty will provide ease of sale with many house-sales falling over due to their reliance on an appropriate outcome of a pest inspection which is generally a “Subject to” condition of a potential sale.

The treatment and warranty addresses and allays ALL concerns dealt with in contracts by assuring potential buyers of the security of tenure against termite damage.

CMA-CM40000_ Badge 3 The highest accolade a termite management system can achieve is the CodeMark certificate which requires that certifiers automatically accept the installation of the product or system.

The Boron Solution’s Tru-Core system is the ONLY CodeMarked termite management system able to claim TERMITE PROTECTION and is the ONLY TERMITE BARRIER system able to protect structural timbers and has no ongoing requirements for extensive and expensive maintenance and/or inspection regimes to retain the warranty.

Whilst at point of application, the Tru-Core treatment is more expensive than other termite management systems, when it is amortised over the life of a home it becomes the cheapest available option.
Why? Simply because the risk of termite damage to structural timber is eliminated from the outset and you do not require inspections,treatments or baiting systems because you have protected your home from the outset.

Many of these treatments will aesthetically scar your home with ‘DRILL & INJECT’ and/or ‘CONCRETE CUTS’ remedial termite treatments evidencing termite activity and often causing a potential house sale to ‘fall-over’ at the last hurdle or reduce the sale price. This does happen!

Put simply, NO other system or product can provide the level of protection or claim to be a barrier to termites consuming house frames and, in an industry where it is impossible to get REAL insurance against termite damage, this is a MUST for your family’s security.

Other termite management systems are generally designed to combat subterranean termites ONLY! The Tru-Core system NOT ONLY combats subterranean termites that come up from the ground, but also flying (drywood) termites and borer and ALL other timber pests and is warrantied accordingly.

Fire Retardancy and Fungal Protection are also part of the treatment system that is applied to the timber and the Tru-Core treatment is also CodeMarked for these added features.

The Tru-Core system provides the ONLY life-time (Fifty Year) warranty that DOES NOT rely upon whether a system is ‘bridged’ or ‘breached’ and allows the Homeowner to reside in their home knowing that they are NOT going to be AT CONSTANT RISK of having termites attack their home!

The Boron Solution’s Tru-Core system is the ONLY termite pre-construction system able to provide life-time protection and thereby provide complete peace of mind for the Homeowner.